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Sideshow Offers a variety of options for linking to our site! Our banners are designed to focus on the high quality of our products and website. We are happy to offer you the following:

  1. Product Specific Banners and Text Links!
  2. General Banners leading to our Promotions or License Homepages
  3. Pre-Made Banner Rotations for our hottest products
  4. Tools that allow affiliates to build Custom Links!

Most of our Banners are available in 13 sizes. Plus we will create custom sizes to fit your needs.


Product Specific Banners

These banners link directly to our Product pages. You can also easily find Text Links for collectibles like our Premium Format Figure


General Banners

General Banners will lead your audience directly to our homepage or current Promotion!


Pre-Made Banner Rotations

Pre-made banner rotations feature our best and newest products. And you never need to lift a finger to maintain them! Our Pre-Made rotations always have 10-30 products within, and the Sideshow Affiliate Team updates each rotation at least bi-weekly.

Custom Links

Use our Tools to build Custom Links to any page on our site! For example, send your readers to our Newsletter Subscription page. You can even turn your own images into affiliate links, as long as they meet the guidelines in our FAQs.