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We are proud of our Affiliate Program! The Sideshow Affiliate Team works hard to make sure our Affiliates are happy, and judging from the comments below, it's worth every ounce of effort. Read on to find out why our Program works for so many great websites!


"To be honest, without the amount of money we made through the Sideshow Collectibles affiliate program TheOneRing.net and KongisKing.net would simply not be online today....The amount of money we've made through the Sideshow program is directly proportional to the amount of TORn funded activities we have been able to host. We have hosted a slew of events, from parties that cost as much as a small convention, to local events that only require a small rental. And when we couldn't spend the money giving back to the community, we gave the extra to charity! All in all, TORn and KiKn has donated over $30,000 to various organizations worldwide."

-Calisui, http://www.theonering.net/


"Unlike every other affiliate program we use, Sideshow has a team focused on helping affiliates be successful. They send out regular idea emails, are constantly available, and their affiliate software works really well for the kinds of products they sell."

-Philip Wise, http://www.Rebelscum.com/, http://www.Theforce.net/


"It's no secret that Sideshow Toy is a fan-friendly Collectible manufacturer. I'd like to let you know that they also run the most fan-friendly affiliate advertising program that I am aware of. Sideshow has fully embraced the modern web-based direct distribution business model, while never forgetting the critical supporting role played by the internet collecting community. They treat the chat-boards and various online collector's resources as true team-members, while providing a revenue channel that is essential for such sites to thrive. ToyTracker.Net contracts with a few different marketing programs, but none even comes close to the level of regular updates, consistently compelling products, and personal support that I get from Sideshow Toy. They have my sincere thanks for helping my site to grow and develop beyond what otherwise could have been possible.

-Spaceman, http://www.toytracker.net/


"Great service, great response, great specials, great communication!"

-Spaceman, http://www.azogscollection.com/


"If it weren't for the affiliate system from Sideshow, my little fan message board would cease to exist! The cost of running a forum can mount up, and that check from Sideshow each month allows the board to keep running smoothly without having to beg for funds from the members! And the contests that the affiliate teams run for us and the prizes given for visitors to my site help keep the forum members happy and drive traffic to the site."

-Darklord Dave, http://www.sideshowcollectors.com/


"...I really do appreciate the quality content you offer your affiliates, because it makes it much easier to sell your products, which helps me increase the revenue on my site and allows me to offer a quality product to those who visit The Land of Shadow.com Everybody wins!"

-Joe Russell, http://www.thelandofshadow.com/